Men want to get an instant erection with the fondness or friendly touch of a female. An instant erection comes with men are sexually fit and they have enough blood supply to their penis. A very simple formula that can help every man get an instant erection whenever they want is that anything that is good for heart is good for penis. Our heart pumps blood and sends it to various parts of body. When there is enough supply of blood to the penile area the erection is hard and instant. Below are a few tips that can keep men sexually fit and they can enjoy rock hard erections naturally:

Eat Wisely For Your Erection: Though our penis has a head yet it doesn’t have a mind of its own. To make it a fine and upstanding specimen, your neurons must be coordinated with military precision. Vitamin B1 keeps your nervous system in a finely working condition so eat beans and wholemeal bread and also eat lean meat to get a healthy supply of vitamin B1. Cherries, onions and porridge are also very helpful for sexual fitness and help men lead a sexually active life. You must avoid junk foods. Fish like salmon is a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids that keep your blood less sticky and enhance the blood flow to the parts of your body that matter. Moreover Bananas are a rich source of potassium and keep your blood pressure under control. Bananas keep your heart healthy thus help you drive more blood to your penile area.

Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle: If you want to remain sexually fit till your eighties you must take good care of yourself. You must adopt a healthy lifestyle that will protect you from various diseases and conditions. For example, smoking is a major cause of heart diseases and heart is a major contributor to your hard erection. If we have an ailing heart we are unable to get an instant erection. Sometimes men get hard erection but are unable to maintain it it during the intercourse. All this shows there is something wrong with the heart.

Manage Your Stress: Stress is your number one enemy as it causes many psychological problems and men who are stressed barely get an erection. A variety of stress management exercises are available to help relieve stress and promote optimal levels of brain arousal.

When stress becomes too great, it begins to take a toll mentally, physically, and emotionally.

The simple remedy is to go for a vacation with your partner. Talk to her and discuss your problems with her. Have fun with children and go with them to a nearby playground. Listen to some soothing music. Managing your time effectively can significantly decrease stress. Avoid the trap of over-scheduling by prioritizing tasks and putting free time into your schedule.

Take Regular Exercise: Regular exercise is the key to good sexual health and help men increase blood flow to their genital area. More blood flow to the genital area mean instant rock hard erection. Exercise increases endorphins which lift your mood and boost your energy. Moreover, having a toned body feels itself sexier and ignite more desire in both the partners. Did you know there are certain sex boosting exercises that can build an incredible sex stamina in you and enable you to get harder erection naturally. By following this plan of sex boosting exercises and making small changes in your daily intake you have the power to have multiple ejaculations at will that will drive your woman crazy. Check out my website if you want to get rock hard erection naturally and impress her with your renewed sex stamina.


Source by Waseem Dar