If you truly wish to succeed with a girl, you need to know the things I am about to tell you here. If you want a brand new personality to make girls fall for you in an instant, keep reading and find out guaranteed methods to making any girl you want fall for you without fail every single time.

How To Attract Girls Using 3 Hardcore Psychology Seduction Strategies

Method Number One: “Have Deadly Social Skills Ready”. Did you know that the simplest way to get girls to notice you anywhere would be to actually have other girls around you all the time? Because of this, it would be helpful to have beautiful girls as friends and hang out with them a lot.

Showing up with hot babes happens to be a guaranteed way to build up some deadly social skills that will make your overall attraction factor skyrocket.

Method Number Two: “Show Some High Value”. Many guys do not seem to understand that one guaranteed method in succeeding with the ladies would be to show a degree of high status.

Although this could be difficult to pull off, you can succeed in becoming a guy of high status if you figure out your personal life goals first. Then, get a strong drive for these goals in order to become irresistible to girls and make them want to become a part of your adventurous life.

Method Number Three: “Use Hypnosis”. All this time, seduction experts have been secretly putting hypnosis to use to get girls to fall for them. One simple method of hypnosis is known as fractionation and has the power to make girls fall in love with guys in less than 15 minutes!

This method involves sending a girl on a rollercoaster of emotions through conversations, making her anchor any happy feelings that she experiences with you. This will result in her getting addicted to you and doing absolutely anything that you want. Highly effective, and yet controversial – it gives men with the knowledge of this technique an unfair advantage in the game of dating and seducing women.

The fractionation tactic comes in a simple two-step formula which requires you to first make a woman feel happy by getting her to recall past experiences.This is a similar technique used by hypnotists (also known as “regression”) to dig deep into a woman’s psyche and get her to relive past ecperiences.

The second step in the fractionation formula is to get her to feel sad – and at the same time she will feel attracted to you as you relive those experiences with her. The reason why this works is simple – you are tapping into the same women psyche which is totally addicted to emotional drama. Use the formula – it works!


Source by Derek Rake